Connect the dots; Escape the network


Technology thrives
There is only one reality,
experienced by all of us
uncovered wherever disguised,
manipulated whenever useful.
! We love it !
Reality shapes the mind.

But a limitless amount of representations,
scattered around like dots
connected and reconnected in an endless cycle,
lives within:
The mind shapes and becomes
a reality on its own

Experience an audiovisual representation of my inner reality
based on a live measurement of my brainwaves
and if you want to, align my mind with yours,
by speaking into the microphone

Then, let’s do something:
you and me, connected in a
sp – a – a – a – ce
that we can explore together
like it explores us

Until a network has grown
that we need to escape



Practical information:
Muziekhuis Utrecht, Loevenhoutsedijk 301 Utrecht

Lisanne Vermeulen / Concept, Vocals, Composition & Sound Design
Laura Tuk / Vocals, Synths & Samples
Janna Lagerström / Vocals
Sjoerd de Roij / Bass Guitar
Gydo Keijzer / Drums
Bas van Bemmelen / Guitar, Synths & Sound Design
Justus Wolbert / Sonic Interaction & Sound Design
Marijn den Haan / Sonic Interaction & Sound Design
Max Gramser / Web Design & Live Sound
Niek van der Veer / Visuals & Artwork
Eléni Hoogenbosch / Visuals
Stef Veldhuis & Calvin van der Merwe / Photography
Kate Tetlow / Text & Lyrics Revision
Sylvia Vermeulen / Text Revision
Stefanie Bonte / Advice
Toon Hurkmans / Advice
Jasmin Godoy / Body Painter
Corine Borsje / Body Painter
Danique Kivit / Body Painter

Is your reality the same as mine? Has the way you see the world changed, compared to one year ago? Is reality bound to what can be perceived by our senses? Is it in the spaces we find ourselves in everyday? Or is it something more? CTD;ETN stands for Connect the dots; Escape the network. It refers to the way I see reality: the everlasting process of making and breaking connections – inside, outside and in between ourselves.

Part 1; Connect the dots INSIDE
Reality is a projection of the mind. Memories, images, objects, people, SOUNDS have a place in our mind in the shape of uncountable representations. I call them dots. The way our mind connects them, shapes our realities. Changing connections is changing reality: while a memory stays in our minds persistently, the way we feel about it might change; while an object will always be the same object, the significance we ascribe to it can become completely different. 

Our minds make connections constantly. Can we find a way to reveal something of this active process, signalling what is occurring inside of us? Can we turn the insides out? Or is it just a mystery? 

In part 1, an Emotiv EPOC headset measures my brainwaves, compressing my inner reality into one measurement of Excitement. The data, indicating low, mid or high Excitement, is translated into sounds, visuals, and musical directions to guide the band's improvisation. By speaking into the microphone, you can try to connect my mind with yours. The associations and impressions your words bring to mind might, combined with the situational context, influence the data and its audiovisual representation.

Part 2; Connect the dots OUTSIDE
Reality is a physical space. Everything around us is reality, whether we are there to perceive it or not: it exists anyway. It’s what we see, smell, feel, taste, HEAR; it’s what we interact with. In this physical space, we humans are like dots, constantly connected in both visible and invisible ways. But what happens between us humans in that physical space of reality? And how do we, different as we are, cope with the way spaces seem to be increasingly under human control?

For part 2, we designed an interactive spatial metaphor to find out. By 'playing the strings' in the room, you can trigger sounds and create a composition together with the band. 

Part 3; Escape the network
Reality is an approximation. It feels different for everybody, but connects us because we all have to deal with it. And so we try to convey it, approaching it with words, art, MUSIC. In doing so, we try to create a new form of reality: a reality somewhere in between, in which others can see their own realities reflected. 

In part 3, we will perform a set of songs, inspired by a recurring longing to escape reality. 


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Editing: Francina Stolk.